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Coravin: THE Wine Preservation Gadget

The Coravin has truly revolutionised the way wine can be drunk. It all began with Greg Lambrecht, who could no longer deal with the frustration of not knowing when his best wines were at peak drinkability – and the impracticality of having to finish any bottle he...

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Introducing PURE from Fine Wine Works

Introducing PURE from Fine Wine Works

Superyacht owners and charter guests now have unrivalled access to the world’s most sought-after wines. Leading supplier of fine wine to superyachts, Fine Wine Works, has handpicked a selection of the world’s fine and rare wines: introducing PURE. This prestigious...

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Sherry, anyone?

Fortified Wine. Port, Sherry, Madeira, Vins Doux Naturels, to name the chief protagonists. High in alcohol. Some sweet, some bone dry. A myriad of different styles from a host of different wine producing regions. Some young and fruity, others decades old and...

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FWW WSET Level 2 Award in Wine & Spirits

After years of “winging it” with guests - nodding enthusiastically along with the analysis of the wine at hand and encouraging the conversation back to “New World” wines (namely South-West Australian wines!) as much as possible, I finally decided to do something about...

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The Italian Job

  “Niiice”, my friendly  Italian waiter declared, as I informed him of my choice of the Chianti Classico. I was relieved and grateful that he spoke reasonable English, but had to suppress a smile as he hurried off to the kitchen, in full bow-tie and tux, like a...

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Cool Croatians!

Blog 13 I suppose we should count ourselves lucky – we supply wines to Super Yachts here in the Mediterranean and obviously have access to a myriad of wonderful French & Italian wines, can just about get anything from anywhere with a bit of notice. But for any...

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Silly Season!

So with the season in full swing and the warehouse still heaving with stock (got to try and beat those French and Italian suppliers who are about to close their doors for some or all of August!), the FWW team have had some pretty extraordinarily daft challenges to...

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“Il me faut une entrecote s’il vous plaît.”

The burly French butcher eyed me suspiciously, as if my accent had betrayed un peu trop de rosbif. He pulled out from beneath the counter an enormous slab of bovine flesh, and sunk his glistening blade into it with a sickening thud. Mon Dieu, I thought to myself, this...

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South Africa – the Grand Finale!

Our last call on our whistle – stop tour of the best of South Africa (a well-earned & much needed break from teaching WSET® Wine Courses to Yacht Crew and our first proper holiday since I don’t know when!) Realizing that we were also heading back home to the Côte...

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What a lot of OTT!

Here at FWW, we are pretty much sorted for the Rosé tap being turned on here on the Côte d’Azur! The sun is out (at last!!), the sky is blue, the ports are a-buzzin’ with Yacht activity and yes, we have stock of all the usual suspects. The Rosés everyone seems to...

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South African Surprises Part II

The adventure continued as we set out to explore further than the immediate wine regions around Cape Town. Heading out to Robertson, a Restaurant attached to a very small boutique Winery, Fraai Uitzicht run by two smiling orange clad Dutch people gave us our first...

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South African Surprises Part 1

I had been introduced to good South African wines previously in my time in the UK Wine Trade and so knew of their existence, but on a recent trip to the Winelands, I wasn’t quite prepared for the magical experience we had! Alas, here in Yachting Wine Supply, we accept...

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“Everything’s comin’ up Rosé!”

Onward and upward from Ott the other week, we have a serious challenge at hand! A demand from our lovely Yacht crew for Rosé wine that is affordable, quaffable and not necessarily one of the big names the guests want to drink! It was one of our WSET graduate Chief...

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Burgundy Bonanza with Bouchard Père et Fils

As the well regarded Wine writer Andrew Jefford commented recently “Burgundy is famously morsellated”! Tiny strips of land attached to 100’s of villages, some bearing individual village names, some double barrelled, others the umbrella label of a “middle-man”...

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Provisioning for wine in Turkey

If you’ve ever been to Turkey- you know what I am talking about. When all you want is a nice glass of Pinot Grigio- no, not something that will blow your head off, or have you hanging over a toilet the rest of the following day, but a nice glass of ITALIAN Pinot...

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