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Something to suit every palate and every budget

Core List

Fine Wine Works is committed to sourcing the wines you and your guests really want. We use our extensive, international network of trusted suppliers to find the exclusive, the elusive and the incredibly rare. We then offer these wines to you, our clients, at some of the best prices available on the market.

We keep a selection of essentials and ‘must-haves’ in our temperature controlled warehouse year-round, enabling us to react to last minute “emergencies” and itinerary changes. With enough notice though, we can source amazing wines from all across the globe!

The “Core List” is not intended as a definitive catalogue of the wines that we can provide, it is more of a selection of some of the wines that we can, and do, source for our clients – hopefully, there is something in there to suit every palate (and every budget).

If there are specific wines that you would like, and which are not present in the Core List, then please don’t hesitate to ask us for prices and availability.

All vintages and prices are correct as of May 2024. Since the creation of this list, newer vintages may have been released and some prices may have changed. We will always strive to acquire the optimum vintages for your order, depending on the wine styles and flavours, to ensure that your wines can be enjoyed at their peak.

It is also possible that some of the wines listed in these pages will no longer be available at the point of ordering. In such cases, we can provide alternative selections which closely match your original selection.

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