Tax Free Deliveries in France

Tax Free Deliveries in France

To qualify for a Tax Free delivery, the yacht must be commercially registered and have a MYBA contract for the charter for which the provisions are being purchased.

Static charters do not qualify for Tax Free delivery so the charter agreement must show that you will be cruising. In general, the yacht should be leaving port within 48 hours of delivery of the goods.

The amount purchased should be in keeping with the duration of the charter and its number of guests.

Customs will generally only authorise delivery a maximum of 48 hours in advance of the charter commencing unless the yacht is leaving French waters and starting a charter elsewhere.

Tax Free Administration fees of at least 190.00€ are charged to us by our Customs Agents, the Customer must agree to pay the full costs. Tax Free deliveries are therefore not viable when the value of the order for alcohol is less than around 1000€

French Customs will require copies of the following documents in advance of every delivery:

• Yacht Commercial Registration Papers
• The specific MYBA Charter Contract
• Signed & Stamped Attestation for Commercial Activity
• Crew List

Please advise FWW at the time of ordering if you require a Tax Free delivery and this should be at least two days in advance of the delivery date to allow time for the order to be processed and customs paperwork to be drawn up.

Deliveries can only be made during customs hours and for this reason, most deliveries are made 09h00 – 12h00 / 14h00 – 17h00, Monday to Friday.

No return of goods can be accepted once the delivery has cleared customs. The goods should not be disembarked without first undergoing customs formalities and paying the relevant local taxes to the customs authorities. Please ensure your boat stamp is available at the time of delivery for stamping the customs declarations.

Customs reserve the right to board the vessel at the time of delivery and subsequently. There are potentially serious consequences for false declarations.

Please feel free to contact us for further information should you have any queries regarding the above.

2016 – New Customs & Tax laws for non-France deliveries i.e. exports to other EU countries valid from January 2016 onwards – there is now an additional fee for Intrastat declarations & administration payable – 35€ per shipment

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