Yesterday afternoon Jeannie and I took on the task of compiling the crew wine list. Nothing I enjoy more than looking at, talking about and drinking wine but alas there was not going to be much drinking going on but it was with definite pleasure to help choose the wines.
Taking into consideration, what do the crew want to be drinking? What can they afford? Most likely they have been given a budget by their Captain so we wanted to have a good range of wines that met that requirement and most importantly a list of wines that Captains, stewardesses and deck crew will enjoy drinking.

Thinking back to my stewardess days, the pleasure of having a nice glass of wine with your crew at dinner in the mess after a hard days work or arriving in a new port and sitting in the sun on the dock catching up with friends with some refreshing and fun rose that we all enjoy once the sun is out in full force, even the deckhands like it, what’s not to like! (So we have put some tasty little numbers in there.) or celebrating the fact that the charter has ended so its time to crack open some bubbles , wines to go with the barbeques at the infamous dock parties. Reflecting on these memories helped us choose what we have selected for you on our FWW

International nationalities of crew mean International wines so we have selected a few wines from each of our main wine producing countries. For our Antipodean friends and the fleets of South Africans aboard the yachts we definitely felt the need to get some of the southern new world wines on our list. A stunning Sauvignon blanc from Marlborough in New Zealand. A big bouncy red from Australia, a well represented South African, and of course our classics from France, Italy and Spain.

So after all your hard work of scrubbing, detailing, cooking, serving, smiling and navigating you can sit back and enjoy a glass or two.