We at FWW have been SO very proud of our website since its conception and birth, that we have gazed at it like blinkered & besotted parents. It is, of course, fully FOUR years old since we launched our company and came up with the graphics, the colour ways, the clever strap-line and charmingly witty “About Us” page. Here we are in 2012 and the company has developed and burgeoned into something very different to how we originally envisaged ourselves and so the website is simply not focussed enough now. As the company now concentrates exclusively on the Wine Training for Yacht Crew PLUS its natural spin-off business, Wine Supply to Yachts, the message and indeed information on the website needed a whole revamp!
The weird and whacky world of technology has moved on decades in just four years and with iPhones and Pads and APP’s and heaven knows what else, it’s not just a case of updating some info and adding a few extra pretty pictures. Also, until you check out the competition and suss out other sites, even if unrelated businesses, you soon realise what it is that makes a site “user friendly” and perhaps more importantly, what it is about a site’s unwieldy customer interface that leaves you bored and confused and ready to click back on to Google to find something else to play with. Suddenly the FWW site looked baffling, unclear, messy and out-dated – loads of stuff about facets of the business we no longer offer. We also completed the original site all those centuries ago before realising that we needed to be able to access parts of it to update and review it constantly. So that function was “bolted on” afterwards and has never quite worked slickly! For me there is nothing worse than clicking on a site in February to find the “Christmas” dates and deals are still on offer….grrr! It’s as bad as having your on-board Wine List with wrong vintages and old prices.
So here we are – welcome to the new look FWW site and the launch of our interactive forum and member’s only area, M/Y Club. It should be quicker, simpler, easier to navigate, more focussed and informative and perhaps most importantly, constantly changing and updated. You can now “bookmark” us and keep coming back to find something new.
Helen Brotherton