All Aboard – Yacht Crew training!
Phew, its been a busy Summer already and yet we’re only halfway through June! Wine Events, Tastings and searching out new and exciting wines certainly keep us busy. We’ve even put our first event for 2010 in the diary – scary, huh? Meanwhile, our Wine Training Courses for Yacht Crew and our new partnership with Cosmo Crew are also booming. So, with that in mind, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this glowing customer recommendation with you all – makes it all feel worthwhile!

“While in the shipyard in La Ciotat, a neighboring yacht had organized an all day WSET foundation course onboard, and had an extra space to fill. They were kind enough to invite me along, and I proceeded to have a fun and very informative day tasting a number of different wines and learning a healthy dose of basic wine knowledge from Helen and Nigel of FineWineWorks. I was so impressed with both the knowledge I came away with and the team-building atmosphere of the program, that I immediately booked the three day on-board intermediate course for our own crew. Helen and Nigel were very accommodating and had no problem spending three days in La Ciotat onboard the yacht, even though it was a busy shipyard period with a number of power blackouts, interruptions by carpet cleaners, carpenters and endless phone calls. We managed to have a fabulously good time, some of which could possibly be attributed to the lack of spittoon use after tasting over 50 wines in three days! Helen is a walking encyclopedia and her passion, humour and enthusiasm made even the difficult bits not only interesting but also exciting to learn. If you are a chief stew, or a captain, and are looking for a great way to bring the crew together and give everyone a deeper understanding of a topic that almost any owner or charter guest will be impressed with, do not hesitate to call Helen and her lovely and helpful husband Nigel and book into one of their varied course offerings- you won’t regret it!”

Mackenzie Daggett, Interior Manager
Amorazur Fleet