Yacht Gourmet Croatia

Your Wine Supply & Provisioning needs in Croatia solved!!!  We are delighted to announce that we will be working alongside Yacht Gourmet Croatia (www.yachtgourmetcroatia.com) this season to ensure that you get the best advice, service and, most importantly, WINE & Provisions when you leave the French Riviera and head off to the beautiful Dalmatian coast.  

As a small (but perfectly formed!) enterprise and business in an industry that demands such high levels of excellence, we here at FWW have recognised that where we can’t quite stretch geographically in terms of service, a similar sized & focussed company elsewhere in the Med could take over to meet your every need & wine requirement.

So, having known how Alessia & Marin of YGC have been building a loyal and resolute customer basis for a long time in Croatia, we recognise ourselves in them.  We can see that, like us, they are a determined young and independent business, whose staff will go so much further to meet your needs on a very personal level and who can offer a real and refreshing alternative to the other “big fish” suppliers here in the Mediterranean.

We do not take a “slice” of their business, but we share knowledge, contacts and goals. Knowing that we probably have more mutual and crossover yachting customers than even we realise, here is an opportunity to make sure that at least some of your charter destinations this Summer will be serviced and looked after smoothly and efficiently.  If you are planning to visit Croatia with owners or charterers this season, just let us know: we will then alert Alessia & Marin to your imminent arrival and together we will work really hard to make sure that you get what you want, wine-wise & provisioning and when and where you want it!

Together, the two companies will strive to give you the ultimate in service in both the Riviera and Croatia.   We are always here for you!