Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale

Wine vintages and prices quoted are correct at time of quotation. We will do our very best to acquire the wine and vintage you would like, subject to availability

The prices stated are per bottle and without VAT unless stated

We do everything we can to ensure that your products arrive with you in the best condition possible. We have strict quality control procedures and only work with reputable suppliers where we can guarantee the provenance of the wines


Payment is due in full on delivery

FWW are happy to accept cash (any payment over €1000 must be requsted and agreed upon in advance of delivery). FWW also accepts credit card (except American Express!), cheque and payment by bank transfer

Card payments of 5,000.00€ or more will be subject to an additional 1.5% processing fee

Please let us know how you would like to pay when ordering

A deposit may be required for exceptional orders

No return of goods can be accepted

We do not offer sale or return facilities

As per law 80*33 dd May 1980, goods remain the property of FWW until the payment of their full value

Risks relating to the goods are transferred to the buyer as soon as payment is received by FWW


Most wines can be delivered between 24-48 hours along the Riviera

Our minimum delivery value is €500 HT

For orders exceeding €1000 HT, delivery is free to all locations between Imperia and St Tropez. For destinations beyond these, and for lower value orders, a delivery fee may be charged based on actual charges incurred in delivery

Worldwide deliveries are possible. We will always strive to use the most cost effective method of transportation available based on your location and the time scale involved. From 2015 Deliveries to other EU countries outside France are subject to a €25 fee for Intrastat Export

Tax Free deliveries in France

We are able to offer tax free delivery in France where:-

• The yacht is commercially registered employing a permanent crew 
• The yacht is on charter and is leaving French waters within 48 hours of delivery (no static charters)
• The amount purchase is in keeping with the duration of the charter and the number of guests on board

Customs fees are applicable (minimum of €180 but the final price is dependant upon the total value of your order)

We will need

• The Yacht’s current registration documents clearly showing its commercial status
• A copy of the charter contract
• A copy of the crew list
• A tax free application form filled out and stamped by the captain of the yacht
• Minimum of 48 hours notice in order to process the necessary documentation

Please note

• Deliveries can only be made during Customs hours and only after receipt of their approval (this effectively means Mon to Fri 9-12 and 14-17)
• Customs reserve the right to board the vessel at the time of the delivery and any time thereafter
• Tax on deliveries cannot be reclaimed retrospectively. We will assume that all deliveries are to be made and invoiced including tax unless otherwise stated at time of order